How to get a whiter more confident smile:

We are passionate about helping patients achieve whiter, brighter smiles. At SF Premier Dental, our office provides Pola Advanced Tooth Whitening. Pola is trusted by millions of people across 100 countries to achieve a whiter, brighter more confident smile.

In chair whitening:

Walk out with a whiter more confident smile in 24 minutes. Pola Rapid is designed to give you whiter results in record time. Pola’s unique formulation dissolves and releases the active whitening ingredient immediately to initiate the whitening process. By breaking down and releasing the peroxide ions fast, Pola’s whitening process is triggered.

Pola Rapid contains the fastest bleach available to safely whiten teeth in 24 minutes at a neutral pH to protect your teeth and gums.

Pola Rapid also contains Pola Desensitising Technology (PDT). The combination of neutral pH and PDT reduces the likelihood of gum irritation, burning, pain or long-term gum damage.

Pola Rapid requires only one 24-minute visit in chair to achieve whiter teeth and a more confident smile. The ease and convenience of Pola Rapid PDT enables you to achieve whiter teeth while protecting your teeth and gums.

AT-HOME whitening kits:

Whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you.

Pola Day and Pola Night:

Both Pola Day and Pola Night have a neutral pH teeth whitening formulation that can achieve your desired whitening effect in as little as 30 – 45  minutes a day. Pola contains fluoride to remineralize your teeth and protect them against tooth sensitivity. After a full check-up, we will supply your own whitening kit with custom-made trays and Pola whitening gels for whiter teeth in 5-14 days.

Pola Day uses hydrogen peroxide, a fast-acting tooth whitening ingredient to get you a whiter smile sooner. While the unique Pola formula has built-in desensitizing technology which will minimize sensitivity, a small minority of patients may experience sensitivity, which can be managed with shorter, more frequent whitening treatments, or by changing to Pola Night.

Pola Night uses carbamide peroxide, a more gentle tooth-whitening ingredient that is better suited to sensitive teeth. Using Pola Night’s more gentle formula will require a longer treatment time.

We can help guide you to the best strength for your teeth. In general, the higher the concentration, the quicker the treatment – however stronger concentrations can lead to sensitivity.  If the directions are followed, each concentration will ultimately give the same result – a whiter, more confident smile.

To learn more about the Pola Advanced Teeth Whitening System and to see great before and after pictures:

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